Health – the business of us all

If you have a body, you need your health! Your health, mental and physical is your greatest asset. If you have good health, a working mind and body, then everything else can follow. You can be happy, you can be rich, you can reach your dreams. If you are handicapped by poor health, it limits your vision, it makes life harder and your journey tougher. There is another way, take responsibility, take action and choose health.

Health has to be your first priority. Everyone has choices and not all choices are equal. Very often the healthy choice is hard work and a lot less appealing than many short term, easy and convenient alternatives. However years

Hiding in the Ascenia
Hiding in the Ascenia

of ill-health, kept alive by medicines, dependent on doctor visits and medical tests and failing health care organisations reduce the chances of a productive retirement and enjoyable old age.

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