How to Book an MRI Scan at London Imaging Centre, Lister House

First – this is not a paid for advertisement The London Imaging Centre does not even know my name. However they do offer a prompt, efficient, money drive service and that is not all bad.

Second – You need an MRI scan if you have a significant (time off work or sport) injury

Step 1  – Which part of you? 
This may seem an obvious question – however. . .  my friend with the neck problem (see previous post) was actually complaining of shoulder and arm pain.

Rule 1 – unless you have a specific and direct injury to the body part in question, the best place to start looking for the cause is in the spine.

For example, unless a truck has actually run over your leg, the chances are that your leg pain is actually caused by a spine problem, most likely in the lumbar region
If you have fallen onto your wrist or hand, by slipping on ice, then the problem will almost certainly be in the wrist and hand. However you may also have damaged your elbow shoulder and neck.

You may already be thinking – this could be expensive! and a good Health Care Practitioner can help you work out where the problem is. If, for example, for no good reason you get a pain in your foot, knee or hip, wrist, elbow, shoulder or  side, the root problem is likely to be in the neck. This is the fundamental assumption of postural and spinal therapists, such as osteopaths, chiropractors and the Alexander Technique.

Problems with the spine are almost always postural, especially if there is no other obvious cause

MRI Neck – Neck, shoulder, elbow, & wrist problems
MRI Lower Back – Lumbar Spine – Back & legs

In any case, the condition of your spine is an important piece of information. Don’t be disheartened if you have a report that says degenerative changes – because as everyone – the answer to degeneration is regeneration and in many cases, that can be better than the original structure. More of that later.

If you want to do the bit of you that hurst mosts, fair enough but you may just be kicking the can down the road, rather than reaching the source of the problem

Step 2 – The referral form

This links to the web site dire

This is the formprint it off and get it signed by your local friendly Health Care Practitioner – Physio or Doctor,
Send it to the London Imaging Center at Lister House, by email, fax or post
Book your appointment, pay your money and
Happy Scanning!

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