Learn Medicine

Medicine in the UK has traditionally been taught around the bedside. This no longer needs to be the case. Technology, from the simple power point to Virtual Reality and simulations from Resuscitation Annie, to the most sophisticated surgical simulation means that it is no longer necessary to meet a patient in order to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to practice as a doctor.

This website proposes to change the way that medicine is taught, using links, original material, webinars, videos, models, practical exercises, and workshops. The primary proposition is to set up a medical degree that is independent of patients, whilst providing the theoretical and practical knowledge required to practice medicine.

This website is aimed at three major groups of people

1 – Those who want to stay healthy

2 – Existing patients

3 – Non-doctor medical health care practitioners, including nurses, medical students and other disciplines, such as physiotherapist, physician assistants and health assistants.