How healthy are you?

How about a National Curriculum for mental and physical health? Everyone needs to reach a minimum standard of mental and physical health, backed up by the knowledge of how to maintain such health.

For example, can you a) run 500 yards, swim 5 lengths, walk 5 miles, to walk 10,000 steps daily. Preparing and understanding a healthy diet, for example, the Mediterranean diet and how to prepare it. Understanding essential vitamins, minerals essential fatty acids. Simple remedies for common complaints, eg Honey & Lemon for a cold, cold water for indigestion, first aid including antisepsis, bandaging, use of ice packs and warm packs, giving CPR and using a defibrillator

More theoretically, a basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology and how drugs work.

From the perspective of mental health, putting in place simple self-management strategies, and understanding of common mental health problems such as depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder begins to improve the nation’s mental health and leading to greater resilience.

Raising the National Health Standard begins with simple health lessons in health, and passing on knowledge about medicine and health.