General Practice

General Practice has barely changed since the beginning of the twentieth century. It is a business or 11,000 small businesses covering every square mile of the United Kingdom.  The National Health Service made General Practice a National Service but not a Nationalised Service. The Department of Health plays no part in deciding how General Practice provides its services, only what services the country requires and the price they pay is negotiated between GP leaders and civil servants.

It has become more complex, amateurishly computerised and a large part of many peoples’ lives and livelihoods. Terms and conditions have improved beyond recognition but like all businesses, it has to make a profit and the profits belong to the owners of the businesses – that is the doctors.


Overall the NHS employs  business that could not fail, inception of the Health Service in 1948. It is more complex, inefficiently computerised, and with far better terms and conditions, but

For its part