I offer four appointments a month on a Saturday morning, either 9.30 am and 11.30 am. These are not conventional medical appointments, and I do not offer prescriptions medical advice. These are opportunities for discussion, and diagnosis.

All too often, diagnoses are missed and unless the diagnosis is right it is a hit and miss matter whether or not the treatment is helpful or makes the situation worse.

Medicine, even when practiced correctly does not have all the answers. Doctors do not know as much as they think they do, and a good outcome depends upon working within the correct theoretical framework.

If you think you have the wrong diagnosis or no diagnosis; have had the wrong treatment, no treatment or are getting worse with treatment; or there have been medical mistakes, please get in contact with me. You will need to get as much medical information as possible. This includes copies of your GP records for the last five years, specialist reports and investigations, any assessments by HCPs with respect of ESA or PIP benefits and anything else that is relevant. I cannot look at digital Scan results, please get reports.

Contact me at and I will assess your case as to whether or not I can be of assistance and we can arrange to meet