Appointment for a non medical discussion

Please note: I do  not offer medical advice, I am a registered medical practitioner, indeed practised in a range of speciality over forty years, since I qualified in 1980. In 2016, I surrendered my licence to practice medicine. In essence this means, I cannot act as a doctor, I can no longer write prescriptions, and can no longer sign official documents that require the signature of an active medical practitioner. I remain a qualified psychologist and continue to keep my medical knowledge up to date to fulfil my obligations in other areas. I do not have medical liability insurance and do not undertake any work that requires an active medical licence.

I enjoy medicine, for me, it is the most fascinating subject on the planet – who are we and how our minds and bodies work. If we cannot get ourselves right, we cannot look after and defend our planet from those who would damage and destroy it.

If you think we could have an interesting conversation about your health, or you think that I can help you then please contact me

I have a different perspective from the majority of doctors and it is possible that together we can use information and find answers  that might be different from those you have been accustomed to.

I believe that we need to be healthy and that the vast majority of health problems are related to lifestyle. Our food supply is deteriorating year on year, and our lifestyles are becoming less healthy and more stressful as we try and keep going as our bodies gradually fail us.

All too often, diagnoses are missed and unless the diagnosis is right it is a hit and miss matter whether or not the treatment is helpful or makes the situation worse.

Medicine, even when practiced correctly does not have all the answers. Doctors do not know as much as they think they do, and a good outcome depends upon working within the correct theoretical framework.

Contact me if you would like to meet up – usually on a Saturday morning and we can discuss what might be a useful way forward for you